missionary board

Missionary Pledge:  

I believe in the doctrine of this, the Church of God in Christ, as it is interpreted by our founder Bishop C.H. Mason, and perpetuated by the ministers of said church to be the doctrine of the bible. As a missionary, I pledge my loyalty to this church and its doctrine, pledging to teach it faithfully and no other as long as I hold its licenses. I further pledge my loyalty to the leadership of this church, always holding them in honor and esteem. I also pledge my obedience and service to the best of my ability, according to the education of dictation of the scriptures.

list of officers and members

List of Officers:

Sister Joann Broome - President

Sister Barbara Mathis - Vice President


Sister Reginia Blash

Sister Martha Carter

Sister Felecia Clark

Sister Cora Floyd

Sister Elizabeth Gardner

Sister Carolyn Grant

Sister Darlene Green

Sister Diane Hargrove

Sister Annie Hawkins

Sister Sheavonne Johnson

Sister Earline Keys

Sister Rosanna McCullough

Sister Shirley McNally

Sister Theresa Mutcherson

Sister Ruthie Nettles

Sister Gereatha Thomas

Sister Sandra Walker

Sister Carrie Williams

Sister Clydeanna Willis

Sister Sonja Sims

Sister Maria Wimberley