Prayer & Bible Band

A weekly Bible Study for the purpose of assisting members in understanding the Bible, and to become acquainted with the Word of God enabling them to lead others to Christ.

Home & Foreign Mission

Responsible for coordinations of efforts to assist those in need at home and abroad. They may address needs at mission stations, schools, and hospitals. Through this auxiliary great needs are met.


The hospitality committee is a group of women organized, in the church to show kindness when entertaining strangers, visitors, and special church functions.

Christian Women Council (CWC)/Young Women Christian Council (YWCC)

The is a group of young women from the age of 19 to an indefinite age. The primary purpose of the CWC/YWCC is to train women for every facet of a women's work in the church.

ministries continued

Nurse's Unit

This group is available to provide health care related services when needed. Every 4th Sunday the Nurse's Unit holds a health screening, where a health care professional takes your cholesterol, blood pressure, and/or blood sugar. A healthy christian is the foundation for a healthy church. 


Choir #1 (Senior Choir) - Adult ~1st Sunday

Children Choir - up to 7th grade ~2nd Sunday

Teenage Choir - 7th grade to 12th grade ~3rd Sunday

Sanctuary Choir - Adult ~4th Sunday

Male Chorus - Males of all ages ~2nd Sunday Evening~ 

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It is a privilege to work as the Lord's door keeper by serving on the Ushers Board.