deacon wies circle


Sister Pauline Williams - President

Vacant - Vice President

Sister LaQuinda Brewington - Secretary

Sister Karin Davis-Thompson - Assistant Secretary

Mother Mary Gyden - Treasurer

Vacant - Chaplain


Sister Bonnie Broxton, Missionary Martha Carter, Sister Andrea Clayton, Mother Cora Floyd, Sister Velma Jackson, Mother Rosanna McCullough, Missionary Carrie Williams

Highlights of the Unit:

•Provides Food Baskets @ Thanksgiving and Christmas to members in the Church family as well as the community

•Assist bereaved families after a wake and during services of his or her loved ones

•On Deacons Day the unity is responsible for the evening services

•Recognizes the graduates (High School and College Level) with Bibles every year

•Recognizes the Pastor and First Lady on Father's and Mother's Day and their individual birthdays